Florida CERT was organized to support and direct statewide training and education in disaster planning and preparedness.

In addition we have the goal of increasing community awareness of disaster preparedness.

Florida CERT members provide assistance to any government agency that requests volunteer services in any capacity. Contact with other Emergency Management related organizations, and coordination of annual CERT Conferences.

CERT Teams can make the difference by using their training to save lives and protect property. With training, practice, and working together as a team, CERT members will be able to do the “greatest good for the greatest number” after a disaster, while protecting themselves from becoming victims.

Upon completion of “CERT” training, teams are encouraged to continue training, drilling and develop neighborhood networks of resources so their teams may build, grow and flourish within the community.

CERT Teams are often utilized by local emergency agencies for a variety of functions, such as firefighter rehab teams, special needs neighborhood canvassing, working in drills for and with emergency responders, all kinds of disaster mitigation tasks, the list goes on and on.

Organization members can participate in disaster training exercises conducted by various government organizations throughout the State of Florida. Annual disaster drills conducted by Universal Studios, State and Local Emergency Management Agencies at the Florida Statewide CERT Conference.

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The other is a memory project, In Tune with the Harp!, honoring the memory of celebrated harpist, Ceren Necipoglu, who was a victim of the tragic Air France flight 447 which disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009 on its journey from Rio de Janiero, Brazil to Paris, France. Scheduled throughout the 2010 year in Instanbul, Turkey, Florida CERT members can experience distinct types of harp music from various cultures and heritages which will be presented through 15 concerts and 10 masterclasses as well as 2 new musical commissions for the harp.

As one of the original states known for its indigenous population, Florida CERT also supports the cause of the Seminole indians which has been advanced by the efforts of Dark Night Press. Indigenous people have been subject to an unfair oppression at the hand of their colonizers yet they continue to be a critical part of Florida CERT’s efforts to keep the public at large safe.

Similar to Florida CERT, another worthy organization devoted to the health and well being of the public at large is Breathe Easy of Southwest Missouri which disseminates information and education about the dangers of smoking.